Monday, February 9, 2009

gotta gotta getcha head in the game =P

HAHA quiet, i know i know, high school musical is overrated but oh wells. SO man, a lots been going on and i find myself with no time. it's like i'm always doing homework, or a project, or a paper, or studying for some test or quiz. And then wen i do have free time, its like i have to find something for me to do, like do some more homework, or read a textbook, or start on some project. but when i don't, i feel "unproductive". as you read this, you probably get that school consumes a lot of my time. yup, the semester started about a month ago and my schedule is not necessary crazy, its just pretty filled. I enjoy it though. I prayed so much that God will fix it up cuz it was just not working, then finally, the first week of school, then it came together. lol, that's God for you, gotta trust Him till the very last minute.

last semester, my goal was not to procrastinate. This semester i felt that my goal needed to be different. not saying not procrastinating is not a good goal, its just that it needed to be deeper. so this semester, it is F.R.O.G =D and NO hannah marie, its not cuz of what you think. LOL. the TOJ's 2007 summer camp's theme was F.ully R.eliant O.n G.od and for some reason this semester, God brought it up again. I can not procrastinate all i want, but in the end, i'm going to fail if i don't rely on God.

Relying on God calls for more than just praying and asking Him for help. It's surrendering our time, activities, and school in His hands and following His direction every second of the day. By reading my first paragraph, you might be able to tell that I haven't been completely relying on God. If I had, then I wouldn't feel guilty when I have free time, because if i truly followed His direction, I would have peace about the free time that He blessed me with instead of being anxious about having to do more.

At night when i did my devotions, I'd be not only tired and sleepy, but I'd also tell God that it seems I don't have as much time for Him because of all the schoolwork I gotta do. Then He helped me realize that it's the last days, and if I'm not careful, i might grow cold. I'm filling my days with so much stuff that's not of real value, and neglecting the only thing that is. If i continued to prioritize school over my time with God, then everythings gonna come weaker, my sensitivity to God's voice, my discernment, my passion, my preception of myself and my dreams. I'm going to find myself compromising because the Holy Spirit's impact on my decision making is going to be weaker. the love and desire i once had for Jesus is slowly going to fade.

So i encourage all of you, no matter how "busy" you get, you cannot neglect your daily devotions with God. Just because we were once strong and on fire, doesn't mean we're strong enough to fight the devil on our own.

John 10:10 "The theif comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the FULL."

Satan's out there to get us, and he is NOT weak. he can appear as an "angel of light" pastor jun says "he's not going to appear pangit" lol. which is soo true. he's gonna appear good looking, enticing, we are no match for him on our own. BUT...

Finally, be strong in the Lord and in HIS might power." Eph. 6:10

with God, we can face any giant, because we have His mighty power living within us. God bless and until next time...

<3, mama.jayy